Great morning start here at Branding Magazine, as on our doorstep we found an amazing piece of art – a shipment consisting of Interbrand’s latest book “Meta-luxury, Brands and the Culture of Exellence” by Interbrand’s directors Manfredi Ricca and Rebecca Robins, which we decided to review as a must-read for each market-… hmm… I’ll say Brander. Great turn-around on: The Pillars of Meta-luxury, Craftsmanship, Focus, History and Rarity, with conversations with: Dr Michael Scott, Horacio Pagani, Simon Jacomet, Paolo Fazioli, Francis Kurkdjian, Kazumi Murose, Francesco Trapani, Dr Hans Peter Danuser von Platen and Renzo Piano.

Rebecca Robins, co-author of “Meta-Luxury – Brands and the Culture of  Excellence” : Source:

The recent economic Trials force us to look hard at our values and what we value. Some brands manage to reflect these truths. They are born of a visionary ambition. They come to stand for unsarprassed exellence. They embrace change while staying relevant in a fast-paced world. Ultimately, they escape short-term compromise to ensure prosperity across generations. Meta-luxury observes the rise of a paradigm of “luxury beyond luxury”, founded on the pcinciples of knowledge, puprose and timelessness. Through the concept of Unique Achivement and the pillars of Craftsmanship, Focus, History and Rarity, the authors examine what is at the heart of meta-luxury and its implications for brand and business management. A unique series of conversations whith an eclectic array of world-renowned academics, artists, craftsmen and heads of unique brands, brings insightful illumination to the culture and economy of meta-luxury.

From The Book: Meta-luxury “Brands and the Culture of Excellence

“The Book celebrates these brands, their founders and their guardians, by defining the paradigm of meta-luxury – or luxury beyond luxury. Combining an in-depht analysis of the unique cultural, stategic and economic traits of meta-luxury brands with inspiring insights from outstanding thinkers, creators and business leaders, these pages take us on a journey into excellence.

Jez Frampton Global Chief Executive, Interbrand (From The Book: Meta-luxury “Brands and the Culture of Excellence)

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