To promote the launch of its fashion blog “The Cut“, New York Magazine has partnered with Grand Central Marketing (GCM) and selected the perfect occasion for the blog’s promotion – the NY Fashion Week. Knowing that NY is the centre of commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, entertainment and many more, one cannot simply hand out leaflets or do a basic magazine promotion for the blog.

That’s why the creative minds at GCM used branded VIP SUV’s called “The Cut Shuttle” to provide transportation between Milk Studios and Lincoln Center.

The SUV’s were equipped with iPads to encourage passengers to check out the blog while they ride with The Cut team. Also, as part of the promotion they gave away branded bottled water, copies of the New York magazine, temporary tattoos and women’s bracelets courtesy of Piperlime.

Photographer: Seth Olenick

Sona Hacherian, Executive Director; Creative and Marketing Services, New York magazine told Branding Magazine that they wanted to develop a program that created brand awareness and buzz for the re-launch of The Cut, and also directly engage a select audience of fashion industry insiders.

The Cut Shuttle served not only as a “mobile billboard” for the brand around the two major centers of Fashion Week at Milk Studios and Lincoln Center, but also it had a very utilitarian function, taking show attendees to and from downtown and uptown events. Guests of The Cut Shuttle enjoyed complimentary bottles of water, a gift from Piperlime, and the use of an iPad to check out The Promotional street teams at both Milk Studios and Lincoln Center handed out issues of New York magazine and copy cards that informed consumers about the shuttle service; they also interacted with Fashion Week attendees to let them know more about the new site. Fashion Week really was the perfect platform to showcase our brand.

GCM made this a fully branded experience by engaging consumers with the product and cherishing them with multiple small, but important gifts thus creating a memorable moment that lasted longer than a simple leaflet handout.

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