We just can’t get enough of redesigns of iconic liquors’ bottles, no matter what the idea behind them is. Whether it is the celebration an anniversary, collaboration with an artist just for the sake of it, or creation of the ultimate limited edition bottle, it is always refreshing to see famous alcoholic beverages brands in new packaging.

Now, Gordon’s Gin teamed up with Conran Group, a London based multidisciplinary design practice, to create 10 different label designs for a limited edition series of one million bottles. An additional 200 bottles in special handmade fabric wraps will be released, along with A3 prints of the designs, all packed in minimalist white boxes. Inspiration for the labels was drawn from patterned textiles that were made by Conran in the sixties, while each design incorporates its ordinal number in a clever way. Take a look at the designs below, and tell us what you think of them:

Photos: notcot.com