For this holiday season and just in time for Christmas, Starbucks, in collaboration with fashion brand Rodarte, is preparing a line of limited edition gifts which feature a pixelated print design. All products, including coffee mugs, cup sleeves, tote bags and gift cards, will be represented as a gray, white and silver pattern mixed with splashes of lime green.

Images: Rodarte / Starbucks

If you are a coffee lover, then you must know that feeling when you hold a cup, in that particularly way – strong, with both hands around it, approaching it closer to your face so you could take that short sniff before the first sip. In a cold day or early morning, there’s just nothing better. For me, the Starbucks’ white cup with green mark on is always a part of a picture – simplicity of that moment which is inextricably linked to the simplicity of the cup. It’s perfectly enough. And it’s recognizable. But here, it’s not.

According to Samie Barr, Starbucks’s Vice President of category brand management, this project is “Starbucks’s first foray into fashion”, and the main goal of it is to “capture those folks who are interested in style and  fashion“. They see it as a way to attract those who aren’t their everyday customer by making unique and inspiring, more limited-edition-type pieces.

Maybe it’s fashion, but sometimes it’s more fashionable to be a little bit old-fashioned. So, when it comes to holiday mood, I would just add a small red bow. But, that’s just me.

The limited edition products are expected to go on sale on 13 November 2012, on the brand’s official webstore as well as in selected Starbucks retail stores having the price $4.95 for the cup sleeve and $12.95 for the tote bag and mugs.