For the recently released James Bond: Skyfall’s partner companies the movie’s premieres were all about figuring a way how to engage fans. So as a result, we’ve had Heineken and their “Crack the Case” campaign and Coca-Cola’s “Unlock the 007 in You” stunt. When it comes to creativity, the one that can easily stand against the latter was Sony’s inside-the-cinema stunt that they’ve pulled out to promote the new waterproof Xperia Acro S smartphone. What they did is dip several Xperias in sodas that were handed out for free during the screening of Skyfall in Stockholm, Sweden. The viewers were unaware of the stunt of course, and some of them were pleasantly surprised when they found a new phone in their soda. Take a look at how it all went down:

The agency responsible for the promotion was Crispin Porter + Bogusky from Sweden, and if I put to the side the fact that stunts like these are already a well tested recipe for success (remember the “Bikers my Carlsberg Buddies” stunt for example), I might say that they’ve done a great job here.