Ben & Jerry’s found a fun way to make the best of Instagram and engage their 124,000 followers there by using their photos in advertising on local levels.

The contest dubbed “Capture Euphoria” encourages users to upload photos with the hashtag #captureeuophoria for a chance to be featured in a local advertising effort. The brand and agency Silver + Partners will select 20 photos until January and create print ads such as newspaper or magazine ads, bus stop posters and billboards out of the photos. The ad will be published in the fans communities, so it further encourages them and creates more engagement with the brand. Haworth Marketing + Media will coordinate the media placement for this campaign.

The brand started the campaign by choosing one photo from a fan and publishing it in a local magazine, they then went to the location and filmed her reaction. See the video below.

Ben & Jerry’s assistant digital marketing manager Michael Hayes said, “Our company has one of the most active and dedicated fan bases out there, and this program is not only a show of our gratitude, but a very public celebration of those fans”.

In adittion to the contest on Instagram, the brand will host all of the photos in a gallery on a dedicated website for this occasion. You can view the gallery here. According to Mr. Hayes the brand sees a ton of engagement across all of their social media platforms and this will take their game to a whole new level. Ben & Jerry’s is a brand that does a lot of local promotion, and has a very active fan base. They’ve done various projects, and some of them where not widely accepted, like the custom flavor for NBA player Jeremy Lin that was flagged as racist by a part of the community.

Because Instagram launched web pages there will be much more campaigns on this platform in the future, and the near future I can sense it, especially with the Holidays behind the corner, who can resist using Instagram’s vintage effects and snaps of a fireplace for a heart-warming, fan-engaging campaign.