A lot of really creative stuff is being done with advertising for toys. Seeing how good ads are often successful because they have a fun and playful tone, tapping into your inner-child  during the creative process is basically mandatory. This is definitely something the Brazilian marketing agency AGE Isobar did for their clients Hot Wheels. A large cardboard installation made to look like Hot Wheels packaging was placed in front of the Shopping Center Norte in Brazil. The brilliant part of it was that it was empty, so visitors of the mall could drive their car into the faux packaging and take a picture with their ‘miniaturized’ car.

Cheap, easy and wonderfully effective (not to mention that it could potentially be connected with an online photo sharing campaign), but overall a really FUN idea that shrinks parents back into a kids world, helping them to realize that Hot Wheels definitely would make the ideal Christmas present. 

Photos: www.paper-plane.fr 

Here’s one more Ad that one the Cannes Lion in the Best Outdoor category in 2009 by Ogilvy Mexico. Similar concept – branding real cars as Hot Wheels  but with more exposure and a less interactivity.

Photo: www.ad-miration.blogspot.com