For the launch of ABSOLUT Art-Stream, a part of the ABSOLUT Blank campaign at MADE in Berlin, Parisian artist Yué Wu has created an enthralling animation and installation using 60 hand painted ABSOLUT vodka bottles.

The bottles, painted and then photographed one by one, formed a creative and beautiful animation titled “The Circle of Life”, that was later projected on a canvas while the remaining 60 bottles were used for a circular installation. Check out how the projection and the whole event looked, below:

For 30 days (starting December 1st) new work from different artist around the world will be projected daily onto a canvas in the heart of Berlin at the Alexanderplatz as part of ABSOLUT Art-Stream. The ‘Art-Stream’ is (not surprisingly) turning out to be a great and creative way to showcase emerging artists’ work to a broader audience, which is the core idea of both MADE and the ABSOLUT Blank campaign.