A 15-year old boy wished for customized Speedos and – the wish came true. Although it’s not a somewhat unreasonable wish, the fact that sometimes all you have to do is ask is a bit shocking.

Ryan Klarner, a high school swimmer and diver from Illinois and a huge Taco Bell fan, simply asked for a pair of Taco Bell Speedos, with “Think outside the buns” written on them, on the brand’s Facebook page. Two weeks later, the company rewarded the simplicity and boldness of the boy’s request by simply asking for his size and address.

He really wanted something and he went after it. When we think people are really extraordinary… then we want to reward them”, said Tressie Lieberman, director of digital and social engagement. “Beyond what we’re putting out to the masses, we want to engage with everyone individually. It’s tough to respond to every single person… but we definitely want to make sure people know we’re listening. We really wanted to show Ryan we listened to him”, Lieberman added indicating on the latest social media win for this fast-food chain.

The boy will certainly get his Speedos – actually, two of them. One with the inscription he asked for, and another with the company’s latest slogan “Live Mas”. But, due to the fact that there are rules against corporate sponsorship, he won’t be able to wear them in competitions. However, the disappointment was lacking. “This is just way bigger than that. No one thought Taco Bell was this cool”, Klarner concluded. And I have to agree. Way to go Taco!

Photos: Uproxx.com