The one beer out of three that went through a nationwide, crowd sourced taste test and come out victorious has been dubbed the Budwieser Black Crown. “Project 12” is an initiative created by Anheuser-Busch InBev to activate the public in their search for a new molt that would help promote the brand and win back some potential consumers from the spirits and cocktails market that has been booming lately. The project kicked off with twelve master brewers addressed with the task of creating a new beer with distinct style and character. Through a series of elimination and testing, the winning recipe from brewmaster Bryan Sullivan was favored by the majority of 25,000 alcohol aficionados who participated in sampling the prospective beers.

Image: Aheuser-Busch

Black Crown will make its début in stores and bars on January 21st, and on screens big and small as of February second during the 47th Super Bowl, with viewership that is likely to surpass 110 million.

“The Super Bowl really is the ideal venue to launch something new,” says Budweiser Vice President Rob McCarthy.

It sure is Rob.

Budwieser is no stranger to this strategy since the brand invested $240 million alone in Super Bowl ads in the last decade. Last year the brand introduced Bud Light Platinum to their audience in much the same way, and the international brewery is hoping that their 30-secound spot for Black Crown will also help boost sales. Its rumored that there might even be two during the event.

The Black Crown has been described as having more “body, color and hop character “, and if by that its meant that it’ll get the alcohol content in your blood up faster, than its undoubtedly true. Since the Crown sports a 6% party poison content in comparison to the usual 5%, it can be deduced that there’s 20% more alcohol at a 15%   higher price. Definitely a bargain!

“This brand will appeal to a broad range of beer drinkers, but especially to 21-to-34-year-old, trend-setting-type consumers.”

“What we know is younger, legal aged beer drinkers drink a number of brands,” he said. “Gone are the days when one brand serves all my needs as a beer drinker. We’re tapping into that variety-seeking need,” concluded McCarthy.

Trendy, dark and infused with a more alcohol, not to mention being visually consumed between high doses of football- sounds like something that could become a quick hit amongst the male (and female) lager loving crowd.