Today was the launch date of TNT in the Netherlands and there is no better way to advertise than by drawing some dramatic attention. Piggy-backing off of the 42 million views success of “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square” (the multi award-winning video for TNT’s Flemish launch), Turner Broadcasting collaborated with Antwerp-based Duval Guillaume Modem yet again to create this fantastic sequel. Shot on December 17th in Dordrecht, this video is definitely what fans expect… and then some.

Now, some may think this is becoming overplayed, but I believe it to be a simple continuation of success. Sticking to the slogan, “We know drama,” TNT has decided to take its original idea, throw it into a parallel setting and turn up the drama. Previously it was a quiet square begging for action, but now (tuning in to the season) the background showcases a dark and dreary, winter day in desperate need of a life source.

It is not just the scene that has been altered, but also the strategy. First of all, the editing of the video now includes a sniper’s viewpoint, symbolizing the tense and deadly action that viewers will witness on shows such as Falling Skies and Southland. This is not new for TNT since the prequel video also incorporated elements symbolic of dramatic series. What is new, however, is the audience’s involvement. Those who push the infamous red button now respond to life-threatening phone calls, are thrown into dark vans, and discover themselves in the middle of an explosive riot.

TNT definitely re-invigorated its original concept, so do not be surprised when both Elvis and a group of streakers enter the frame. Allowing the audience’s participation in the scenes, TNT bolsters its pledge to weave action into a viewer’s less-than-exciting routine. The red button tactic emits the brand’s vow seamlessly, while simultaneously architecting a video that is enticing, humorous and potentially viral.

TNT is taking the classic red button and re-branding it as its own, creating an unconscious link between its consumers and vitality. The icon is becoming analogous to excitement, drama and, most importantly, TNT.