We’re used to expect a ton of viral ads five to ten days prior to Super Bowl, but this year they are just… different. Volkswagen came up with a pretty neat idea to sum up the last year’s most depressing videos on YouTube and used them in their viral video, only 180 degrees different. All the raging, sad, angry and depressed were just happy. Followed by a song called “Get Happy” by reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, VW is a positive energy spreader, which also symbolizes this German car manufacturer.

Volkswagen had major success in 2011 with the “The Force” commercial” where it featured a young Darth Vader and 2012, where the Star Wars saga starred dogs in  “Welcome to the Barkside” and “The Dog Strikes Back” commercials. My bet is that Volkswagen really wanted to get back the YouTube community after scoring millions of views by featuring characters of some of the most prominent viral videos in a positive light. Good job VW, good job.