America’s badass bike manufacturer, Harley-Davidson has booked self proclaimed badass Kid Rock to headline their anniversary celebration in Milwaukee to be held over Labor Day weekend. The Milwaukee show will be the last in a series of festivities and events organized in the name of 110 years of freedom, rebelliousness and authenticity that the brand feels they have stood for over a century. 60 stops are planned in 11 countries, or as HD’s Chief Marketing Officer Mark-Hans Richer, put it “in almost every continent on the planet” in the course of a year, starting from August to September 2013. The second major event will be held in Rome, Italy from June 12th to the 16th and has already received a special blessing from Pope Benedict XVI.

Images: Harley-Davidson

Kid Rock enthusiastically wrote:

What’s not to love about Harley? They are the backbone of American culture, the flagship American brand. I am honored and excited to partner with this legendary icon that has helped to define American freedom at home and abroad.”

That spirt of defiant independence will be further marketed through the merchandise of Mr.Rock’s  tour “Rebel Soul”, which will be co-branded by the motorcycle company. The Featured line of the merchandise, “I can’t hear you over the rumble of my freedom” depicts the partnership well.

Besides being able to attend the actual events, purchasing a ticket also offers a fan the chance to join the featured rock star on stage for one song as well as a factory-customized H-D motorbike. As for online interaction, the brand is calling on all those willing to upload their own image or graphic in the name of freedom and Harleys to do so on their website, but they’ll have to check it first to make sure it’s not breaking any laws or being offensive- it’s a celebration of the rebellious soul, not the obnoxious one.