When BEAMS creative director, Hiroshi Kubo, decided to revisit the Coca-Cola yo-yo madness only one name came to mind for the project. Nigo is the designer for Human Made and, ironically enough, also a Junior Champion from Coca-Cola’s Japanese yo-yo competition in the 80’s. It seems that Nigo and the famous Tokyo boutique are a perfect fit. The partnership has birthed a creative capsule collection revolving around the originality of the Coca-Cola brand and the authenticity it has threaded through many long years of development.

As Nigo states in this funky behind-the-scenes video, he was always fascinated with the Coca-Cola brand and its accompanying style. Rummaging through the Coke memorabilia he has collected over the years, Nigo discovered a few pieces that inspired the artistic collection. Nigo describes the soda brand as something which is:

…ever-present, like water… yet still something foreign and exotic.”

This characterization ties in nicely with the overall look of the new collection. Everyone is familiar with Coca-Cola’s timelessness and consumers can recognize the brand’s older looks just as well as they can contemporary ones. The collection is wonderful because it draws from this concept, depicting the renowned brand in its exotic, vintage looks. Basically, it is a tribute to what Coca-Cola iconic fashion could have been.

Photos: Hypebeast

To top off the release, the partnering brands (Coca-Cola, Human Made and BEAMS) released the following video depicting Nigo as he creates art. Incorporating Coca-Cola cans in his design, the video not only has an analogous old-school vibe to it, but it also mimicks the design of the capsule collection. Just as the recognizable Coca-Cola brand was transformed into striking fashion, so Nigo constructs the Human Made logo from mundane soda cans.

The pieces include a shop coat, a cover all jacket, a work shirt, a cap, jodhpur shorts, a sweatshirt and several t-shirts. Apart from BEAM stores throughout Japan, the collection is also available in-store and online at Present (UK), Haven (Canada), RSVP Gallery (US) and specifically online at ZoZoTown.com and Beams.com. Check out the entire collection on Hypebeast.