Microsoft together with have launched a new anti-campaign on February 6th, named “Don’t get scroogled by Gmail”. The campaign’s goal is to educate the Americans that Gmail is using their private messages to sell and target ads. Based on a GfK Roper study commissioned by Microsoft Corp, people are not aware of the fact that Gmail is using their personal email to sell ads, unlike, whose priority is, as they say, privacy of its users.

The campaign, which is going to last in a next few weeks, will be offline as online and it will demonstrate their believes that people should be aware of the Gmail’s practice of scanning their private messages, selling those information and posting ads related to them.

“Don’t get scroogled by Gmail” is doing two things: highlighting Google’s bad practice and that, on the other hand, is putting consumer’s privacy first.

Microsoft’s director of planning, Stefan Weitz pointed that people should have choice and control over their private messages, and added that they do not scan the contents of consumer’s personal email. He also added: believes your privacy is not for sale.”

Last November, Microsoft’s Bing attacked Google Shopping for being paid advertising instead of honest search results. At the end, all we can do is to lay down and see if this progressive anti-campaigning is going to get any results.