As part of their “Cream With Spirit” global marketing campaign that revolved around the power of woman, and in my opinion fairly failed (see here why), Baileys has launched a new, more feminine-like bottle.

As a mostly woman-targeted drink, there is absolutely no wonder why the brand went for a more feminine-styled bottle, in which “the form is heightened and the shoulders are lifted”, giving it a more elegant and stylish look. It also features a really beautiful new watercolor-like interpretation of the label and fresh typography to complement the new visual direction.

But why redesign the bottle in the first place? The original Baileys bottle was very distinctive, mostly because of its unique shape. It was one of the visual key aspects of the brand that made it very recognizable. On that note, Chris Lock, Baileys Western European category marketing director at Diageo, commented that Baileys is widely recognized for its unique bottle shape but their stylish new design stays true to Baileys iconic heritage, in a contemporary and stylish way.

We are confident that this, coupled with the same great tasting liquid, will not only have more impact on shelf, but also affirm Baileys position as a modern drink for the modern woman.

Garbhan O’Bric, Baileys global brand director, added that:

As one of the most-loved female spirits brands in the world, we need to not only to appeal to current Baileys consumers and adorers, but ensure we also appeal to each new generation of progressive, savvy and spirited women.

Okay, so it’s about new generations and positioning the brand as a “modern drink for the modern woman”, and this is all very well incorporated in the new design; but will it attract more consumers, or just confuse the old ones? The new bottle is quite beautiful and it features everything a bottle from a brand like Baileys should – all the elegance, femininity, subtle luxury and style are nicely put together. Although I can’t help but wonder why not retain a few key aspects, such as, well, the shape.

Old and new Baileys Original Irish Cream bottle

Imagine the old bottle, only that it features all the graphical elements from the new one. Then there would be the strong “elegant” and “modern” element, combined with the iconic shape, and we would now be seeing a still distinctive and fairly recognizable bottle, only redesigned in the matter of the brand and its new marketing goals. Therefore, was changing the shape simply unnecessary?

Time will tell, but in the meantime I would love to hear your opinion too.

I also must reflect on something I’ve been reading across the internet: There were statements about something that was presented as a breaking new feature of the bottle, and it was the fact that the new bottle can now “fit in a fridge door, and this should somehow increase the brand’s relevance to the modern woman’s lifestyle.Really, Baileys?