It seems that this is the year in which automobile manufacturers are celebrating their anniversaries and long traditions in serving their customers with quality vehicles. A few weeks ago Toyota celebrated 75 years of automotive production, but now the European car charmer MINI is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its MINI Plant Oxford, the place where the car was ‘born’ back in 1959. Toyota’s birthday was marked with an interactive family tree, whereas the British automotive icon has prepared something completely different – a transcontinental tour through the brand’s history.

Five Oxford-built MINIs will travel through eight former locations where vehicles were manufactured; The tour includes stops in Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Milan (Italy), the former production plant in Malta, the Portuguese town of Vendas Novas, Pamplona in Spain, Seneffe in Belgium, Amersfoort in Holland and the Irish capital of Dublin. In three of eight listed cities, the MINIs are still manufacturing nowadays, nevertheless playing a significant role in the development of the local industries off all cities.

The final destination of the brand’s historic time machine travel will be Oxford, the brand’s birthplace, where the expedition will arrive on March 28th. Fans will be notified about the journey’s details through specially launched website, Facebook page and an online community forum.

But this isn’t all! In collaboration with architecture and design magazine Dezeen, MINI has recently launched another ambitious world tour; Eight cities (Cape Town, Milan, New York, Berlin, London, Beijing, Singapore, Eindhoven) will be visited in order to discover the most exciting new talents, the hottest trends and the most important themes in architecture and design in 2013.

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