When it comes to standing for man’s rights in a place which is mostly marked as a women’s land, Old Spice definitely ranks number one. The brand which represents the authority on the male grooming experience this time introduced us with an all-new lineup of manly scented bar soaps. With an idea of helping guys reclaim their territory in the shower, they needed to spice it up with a campaign wrapped with pure manliness. Having in mind that many guys are living with an unspoken shame of using whatever bar soap is already in the shower – as a result of decisions the women in their lives are making instead of them, the Vice President of North America Beauty Care at Procter & Gamble, Joe Arcuri said:

With new Old Spice bar soap, we wanted to show to the more than 40 percent of guys who are bar soap loyalists that we have their backs when it comes to manly scented shower equipment.

The campaign, developed by Wieden + Kennedy, which was inspired with the popular jingle soap commercials of the ’80s and ’90s, includes two television ads and one more scheduled for this summer. All three scents of new Old Spice bar soap, Fiji, Pure Sport and Swagger, are available in 6-packs and 2-pack, respectively.

So, a man needs what a man needs. This time it’s a soap, his own manly soap. How cute is that.