Johnson&Johnson will launch a new advertising campaign dubbed “For All You Love,” created by TBWA\Chiat\Day.

The theme of the new ad is universal; it is the seen-it-so-many-times idea of love as the main motivation and inspiration in life. The black and white 60-sec video shows the everyday moments of tenderness, closeness and attention that we very often neglect. The campaign is designed to “inspire and empower caring,” reminding the brand’s target group of “things in our life that make life worth living.”  The TV spot is not advertising a specific product itself, but rather the brand’s overarching values, promoting and encouraging human affections.

Since the company has supposedly lost some of its reputation in the previous years, Michael Sneed, VP of global corporate affairs, pointed out the importance of the new corporate campaign, highlighting that the campaign is about celebrating the people who care for others in a selfless manner:

We thought it was important to reconnect with customers, healthcare professionals, and reconnect them to J&J and really help them understand the values behind J&J. 

The ad will launch 6th of May in the U.S. Take a look at it, below: