The prefix ‘The World’s First’ seems to be thrown around a lot lately, especially when brands bring over certain goodies from the digital realm which have a connection with social media in some way. The Diaego-owned Talisker whisky together with Vivid Design Works have played around with this prefix in order to promote the new Talisker Storm whisky in a very creative way by creating a 25-foot interactive installation which pours heavy rain. Yes, it is an interactive storm, the world’s first.

The interactive weather machine was set outside Design Museum in London and it came with everything a good storm needs: dark clouds, fog, strong wind and heavy rain. Passer-byes were invited to be a part of the experience by controlling the intensity while standing underneath with their raincoats and umbrellas. The bravest of them were rewarded with a glass of Talisker Storm and also had a shot at winning a bottle of the precious drink.

The Talisker distillery dates back to 1830 and it is located on Isle of Skye which is known for harsh rains during the entire year, so the idea behind this project certainly echoes with brand authenticity. In case you’ve missed the experience, don’t worry because there’s still a chance to get wet – the whole installation will be touring in Europe in the upcoming months and the next stops are Munich and Madrid.

Check out the video below to see how participants reacted to the storm: