New York City has entered the list of cities which takes care of the ecological ways of transportation, thus introducing the bicycle as a new type of public vehicle. Beginning with May 2013, New York will finally have its own bike share program which is sponsored by two big brands – Citibank and MasterCard. The system will launch with nearly 5,500 bikes and 300 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Depending on their chosen membership levels, the cyclists can achieve a variety of financial benefits. Citi Bike program is an easy, healthy and inexpensive way for daily transportation from place to place and is also expected to create significant income for the city.

According to, cycling has been booming in the NYC during the past couple of years. The city’s Department of Health estimates that over half a million New Yorkers ride bikes. Informally, the bicycle is perceived both as the “guardian” of city’s and people’s health, therefore it’s not surprising why cycling has become a global transport phenomena.

The program’s bikes and docking stations are part of a system called Bixi, which was first developed by French Canadian designer Michel Dallaire as a cycle-share scheme for Montreal. A City Bike app will also be launched to help drivers locate their nearest docking station and plan their routes on a map in order to find local shops, services and restaurants.

To learn out more about this initiative, visit the official website the brand has put up over at and check out the bicycle in action below: