Fiat teamed up with Leo Burnett Brazil for a new campaign dubbed “Hero Hug” that encourages and promotes road safety among children, due to the high rate of child mortality in Brazil caused by automobile accidents.

The one-minute video shows the process of producing a new line of seatbelt covers, made like ‘hand’ of popular superheroes from DC Comics’ Justice League: Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. The video points out that the goal of the campaign is to stress the importance of using protection while driving with children, in an informal and engaging way. The seatbelts will soon be available at Fiat dealerships, but they can later also be used on any other vehicles as well.

From now on, Fiat and The Justice League hope that the future generations learn from a very young age the importance of traveling safely.

Take a closer look at Fiat’s valuable contribution to road safety, which will hopefully help and encourage both adults and children to travel more safely: