Champagne house of G.H.MUMM, with almost two hundred years long tradition, has presented a new brand identity shaped by the strongly held values the Mumm family stands for. Emphasizing their noble heritage and the individual personality of each cuvée, the new design was developed by Brandimage, and introduced by the iconic Cordon Rouge.

The main distinction, although quite discreet,  refers to the initials of the founder which were proudly bolded, the typography altered to be more regal and statutory, and the color of emblematic red ribbon, originally created in 1876. as a tribute to the Légion d’Honneur, which gain more intensity now.  But the crowned eagle – symbol of the House, even though placed at the heart of a new design, was preserved in it’s original shape.

Teasing to taste it, while spreading the spirit of excellence, the whole classic range of newly dressed Mumm can be found in the House’s distribution markets.