This week Google is definitely in the spotlight. Apart from the fact that today is the release of a movie about two ex-salesman becoming its interns, the company also presented (just a few days ago) the real story related to their internship program. Although The Internshipa comedy starring the fabulous duo from Wedding Crashers (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson), has already been marked as a two-hour ad for Google, the American giant obviously was not willing to take any chances. According to Time Entertainment, when the filmmakers reached out to the company about the project, Kyle Ewing, Google’s head of global staffing programs, and the person in charge of the company’s internship program, assumed they were researching a fictional tech company like Google. But, it turned out–as Ewing himself concluded– that

they did a great job of portraying Google’s culture.

It seems that their “just in case” move was not really necessary, but here it is anyways:

And here is the trailer for The Internship, hitting theaters today: