In October 2011, Google bought Motorola, but there hasn’t been much info on what the giant has in plan for the mobile company; Recently, though, there were words of several new Android phones. Maybe this is the reason why Google decided to refresh the Motorola logo, giving us a peak into how Google might use the brand in the long run, since Motorola confirmed the logo change but did not comment on the strategy behind the new design.

The logo kept its very well known stylized M symbol, but a multicolor outline has replaced the one-colored circle in the back of it. The most significant change is, maybe, the font, which is a major modernized improvement of the old one.

Light and sophisticated, the new logo is a sure improvement, not surprisingly resembling Google’s design. This, and the fact that “a Google company” is written under the new mark, is a very interesting turn of events, being that Google was careful not to closely associate itself with Motorola in the past, even though it owned it, according to Creativity Online. Therefore, another question arises: will Google – by putting its weight behind Motorola – potentially upset its partnership with Samsung?

We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, tell us what you think of the new logo, or check out other stories about logos and redesigns, here.

New & old Motorola logo