This May, beer brand Beck’s took pieces of history, brought them to life and made art out of them. Inspired by the fact that its brewery was founded at approximately the same time as Tomas Edison‘s invention of the cylindrical phonograph, along with the similarity between the beer bottle (more precisely the middle section of it) and the shape of this first recorded music format, the brand created a prototype for the world’s first playable beer bottle – the Edison Bottle.

Considering how beer has influenced recorded music since then, this physical collaboration was appropriate and long overdue.

The project, which debuted just a while ago at the Semi-Permanent music event in Auckland and received a standing ovation from the assembled media and design community, was developed by Shine Limited agency and the engineering company Gyro Constructivists. It was achieved by engraving the New Zealand band, Ghost Wave’s, single “Here She Comes” on the glass surface and then making it play on a reinvented version of Edison’s original cylinder player.

Seeing Beck’s as it pauses its rush towards the future to take a moment to look back and honor some previous achievements in this way makes it much more than just a beer brand.