If you visited East London’s pubs in June, you might have noticed something funny about their tables–they did not appear to be quite so ordinary!

The first thing that probably overwhelmed you was the beautiful typography of the handmade table, leading you to instantly wonder what it is for. In that moment, you discover the place were you ought to plug in your headphones and begin to catch their drift. But where to get headphones? All you had to do was simply go to the bartender and he bestowed you with the new Philips headphones.

So what was the point of all this? Philips wanted to promote its new urban headphones and, together with agency Ogilvy London, architected this amazing project, known by its tagline “You need to hear this.” There is no better place to promote headphones than at the places where people are already talking about music. It was expected that the typography, made in the spirit of East London, would arouse the interest of pub visitors–and they got that right.