In a series of very entertaining and slightly provocative prints, DDB&Co Istanbul created a campaign for Kekemelodi stuttering therapy classes, which promotes the idea that stuttering can potentially lead to embarrassing situations. Prints depict graphics of words that, when constantly repeated on a first syllable, sound somewhat inappropriate and thus embarrassing.

Since nobody stutters willingly, one might find these ads to be offensive or simply inappropriate. However, still less inappropriate than saying (and please pardon my language) ass-ass-ass-astronaut. Therefore, the campaign has a goal to spark the emotion of those that have a problem and are willing to work on it. Overall, very creative and unique. Slightly offensive, but aren’t we all?

Images: Behance
DDB&Co Istanbul
Executive Creative Director: Karpat Polat
Creative Director: Karpat Polat / Hande Guler
Copywriter: Tolga Mutlu
Art Director: Hande Guler / Canhur Aktuglu
Illustrator: Ahmet Arif Eken