Tomorrow Futurama, Matt Groening’s biggest project after the Simpsons, ends, yet again. Although the show has been cancelled many times before, I truly believe it will find a way to get back out there, as it already did before.

But until then, we’re honoring the show with our 15 favorite fictional and/or parody brands from the show, since Futurama’s satirical qualities and spoofs of our time reflected in 31st century New New York are a thing worth mentioning. And because everything’s possible in the 31st century! Here they are:

Planet Express

How could we not start with the brand that was responsible for 99% of the show’s plots?



This cold-fusion steam beer was brewed by the Planet Express crew inside Bender’s body. The name refers to German beer brand Löwenbräu, while the label is based on an actual beer label the graphic department staff brewed for themselves.

Slogan: “Let’s get drunk!”


Bachelor Chow

Bachelor Chow is the ultimate 31st century dog food-like bachelor food. Just add water and voila.

Slogan: “Bachelor Chow, now with flavor.”


Big Pink

Ham-based bubble gum, consisting mostly of bones, that lets you “breath as fresh as a summer ham” – a parody of Big Red.



A parody of Perrier. Also, “derriere” means “buttocks” in french. Coincidence?


Extreme Walrus Juice

Because why not?

Slogan: “Ride the walrus!”


It Sure Ain’t Butter!

A brand of butter substitute, a parody of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!


Pabst Blue Robot

A beer brand for robots. It can’t be consumed by humans due to throat-bloodying metal shavings. Parody of Pabst Blue Ribbon.



A really disgusting parody of Coca-Cola and other soft drinks. It’s highly addictive and made from the behind of a giant worm queen.

Slurm is now a  registered trademark of 20th Century Fox, and the most recognizable brand of Futurama. It was even made into a novelty drink.

Slogan: “It’s highly addictive!” or “Enjoy Slurm”.


Lightspeed Briefs

Lightspeed Briefs are super trendy underwear that terrorize you in your sleep due to dream ads.

Slogans: “As seen in your dreams.”, “For the discriminating crotch.”


Curious Pussycat

A spoof of Hello Kitty.



The eyePhone is an electronic device that’s inserted into the eye (hence the name). Among other things, it can be used to send and receive Twits (see Twitcher), record videos and publish videos on the internet.The eyePhone records everything it sees and hears, which would be a good parody of Google Glass, but interestingly enough Google Glass didn’t exist when this episode was made.

The eyePhone also uses information gathered from Twits to send personalized ads and – once somebody has gathered one million followers – to send through a virus, which controls the brains of followers.



A parody of Twitter. Originally used to brainwash people to buy the new eyePhone 2.0.



PlanEx, deriving from the words “Planet Express” is a parody of FedEx when the Planet Express brand undergoes a makeover from a business man from the 80’s. The makeover was accompanied by a PlanEx commercial, a parody of the famous Apple’s 1984 ad. The crew hates the commercial as a reference to Apple Computers’ own opinion of it at the time.

Slogan: “Our crew is replaceable, your package isn’t!”


30th Century Fox

As in the end of each episode of Futurama, we’re ending this article with the 30th Century Fox logo.

At the end of every episode, the iconic 20th Century Fox image is replaced by a 30th Century one, due to the fact that the show itself is set in the 30th century. The logo can also be seen in the show, where its spotlights are used to blind pilots and film the resulting crashes, or when producing a TV program called Futurella, which was, of course, cancelled.

Originally, Fox denied the request to change the logo at the end of the episodes, so Matt Groening funded the new logo himself, after which Fox decided to show it after all. Futurama is the first show that was allowed by Fox to change the production logo.


That’s our wrap-up of our favorite brands from Futurama. Share your favorites with us, below!