If you think this is an ordinary branding designed dispenser, you are wrong. Swiss-based chocolate company, Milka, created an engaging campaign for the exotic Argentinian market. The slogan “Dare to be tender” indicates that the campaign is all about kindness and humanity. This touching campaign was aimed to bring people closer together and make them unite.

How did they manage to do that?

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Well, they placed a vending machine, with no slots for coins or the like, in a public space, along with the branded purple cow statue just a few feet away. The idea was to encourage strangers to communicate with each other and to come up with a solution on how to get free bars of chocolate from the machine. People figured out that the only way to reach between the machine and the cow is by holding each other’s hands and making a chain. The more people involved, the more chocolate distributed by the machine. Every time a chocolate bar is ejected from the machine, the cow statue takes one step back, thereby encouraging more people to participate.

Sometimes, holding hands is all it takes to get a treat!