Guinnessor Ireland’s black gold, has never made stereotypical beer ads. After 250 years of brewing a very well-know black beer, Guinness has made a unique marketing icon out of its brand. In the scope of the newest advertising efforts, they have launched a commercial that is set to make you re-think who you are.

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This commercial is a part of the “Made of More” series of ads that are built to accent individual accomplishments rather than the spirit of conformity. Guinness insists that you stand out from the crowd and help your fellow citizens. Posted on YouTube on September the 3rd, this video ad reached 3.5 million views yesterday! It depicts a game of wheelchair basketball where each player gives his best in order to win. At one point, one of the players falls, but decisively continues to play the game. Entitled “The choices we make, reveal the true nature of our character” this ad has a little twist in the end that changes your perspective completely!

Spoiling is not what Branding does, so watch this video and don’t be embarrassed if you accidentally shed a tear. Credits go to BBDO New York.