As part of the brand’s ‘Not Normal’ campaign, MINI took over The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway to reward the customer’s loyalty in a creative and engaging way. With the help of  agency Iris Worldwide, MINI presented an outdoor digital campaign which aims to bring this community together.

As the MINI drivers were passing across the digital screens which were designed to recognize the MINI vehicles, they were surprised and entertained by the witty messages such as Hello blue Mini driver and Hey cream Mini, what’s your secret?  

On top of it, a team of “highly-trained” spotters were directing these drivers to stop at the next gas station and get reworded with treats-bacon sandwiches or smoothies in the morning, and a tank of fuel or bunch of flowers on the journey home. Drivers could also choose to have their photo taken and displayed with a bespoke message as they approach the digital poster sites.

Ann Inglese, National Communications Manager at MINI UK  pointed out the main campaign’s mission: Our Not Normal campaign is all about celebrating the unique and inventive spirit of MINI drivers and saluting them. The integrated agency team have delivered a fantastic way to bring this to life on the outbound stretch of the Cromwell Road, using new technology to tailor fun, cheeky messages for our drivers.

Take a look how random MINI drivers were thrilled by this unusual ad stunt.

Advertising Agency: Iris Worldwide, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Shaun McIlrath
Deputy Creative Directors: Dave Newbold, Jim Eyre
Art Director: Jim Eyre

Copywriters: Dave Newbold, David Feldman, Shaun McIlrath
Account Director: Nicola Malcolm
Designer: James Butt
Account Manager: Sian Patrick