Lourina Botha, the co-director of Studio Shelf, came up with a great idea for the agency where she and her team managed to combine aesthetics and usefulness at the same time. The team, which consists of four multidisciplinary designers and located in Cape Town, South Africa decided to set a temporary outdoor office once a month on 17 different locations around the town. By putting their own bit of branding (the striking yellow furniture) on sidewalks, they want attract attention, but also connect with curious people on the street and to expose a wider section of the city to design. Along with enjoying their work days in open air, they also try to promote and maximize the use of public spaces.

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 “We love the idea of not knowing how people, spaces or businesses will react to us just popping up. (…) It is a fairly stark reminder that what we design has a real effect on the world,” explains Lourina Botha in an interview for Narrative Envoriments. Commenting on the interesting way of choosing the locations, she said: “This does sound mad, but we took the linear shape in our logo, placed it over a map of the city and at every point we’ll do an open public office for a day. We would love to do the same with a map of South Africa, Africa, the world!”

Botha said that this project was inspired by great success of Let’s Talk Shop, a design residency aimed at rejuvenating inner-city London high streets.