If I were to tell you that there is an artist who paints your portrait just by the way you drive, without even watching you, would you believe me? Well, Lexus apparently made this happen in an effort to showcase how the way you drive strongly translates into who you are.

As part of the scope of the Art is Motion project, a special software was developed to accompany the Lexus IS300h Hybrid. What this software does is extraordinary:  It sketches the portrait of the driver based on his driving manner. There is a built-in screen, right next to the steering wheel, where you can see the magic happen. As soon as you start the engine, sensors collect real-time data and create sketches on the screen, powered by the software developed by Art is Motion.

The software operates on a pre-installed photo of the driver and depicts the ride by drawing more precise and in more detail if you are driving slowly; if you drive faster, however, the brush will paint more abstract forms. Also, if you use the electric engine, colors will appear colder, while if you switch to the petrol engine, colors tend to be more vivid.

The generative artist on this project was Sergio Albiac and the driver is an art collector named Walter Vanhaerents. This marketing trick was also made possible by the creative ideas of Belgian agency Happiness Brussels. The unique piece of art is currently on sale, so for more information check out the Art is Motion website and take a look at the video below for a more visual approach: