Virgin America has done it again and if you don’t know what I mean, then you clearly have not flown Virgin America. The airline is known for having an ultra chic lounge feeling upon boarding the plane (thank you cosmic blue and pink overhead lighting) and, most importantly, a modern take on safety. Now, when it comes to in-flight safety videos, a majority of travelers will admit that they have watched a total of two or three – and anymore than that would no longer be described as the fruit of free will.

Virgin America, however, began ameliorating this aversion to safety videos by creating (what they claim to be) the first one with a humorous and lighter touch, so to speak. That was in 2007 and the video looked something like this:

Not bad, right? Well, now they have taken this a step further and introduced the first safety music video. With multiple shifts in style, (surprisingly) good choreography and an overall uplifting (no pun intended) feeling, this #VXsafetydance might actually make the initial portion of your flight more bearable. With the constant threat of overbookings, screaming children and unbearable waiting periods on the tarmac, you might just enjoy this: