It only takes one small peek at the Skype YouTube channel to realize just how good the brand is at storytelling marketing. Take “Stay together stories” for example – a series of videos showcasing personal and touching stories of users who are able to keep in touch with family and friends living miles away via Skype. The campaign is also supported by a designated mini site inviting others to share their special Skype stories too.

Without any intervals, Skype has just launched a new interactive online campaign called “Skype Rerouted” – a social travel game starring the leading video travel blogger, Mike Corey.

Mike was sent by the brand to Istanbul, Turkey just a few days ago with nothing but a Surface Pro 2 tablet and a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone. Mike has no idea what is in store for him – he doesn’t know where he is heading or how long he will be staying in each destination. To get home to the US in time for Thanksgiving, Mike needs to solve daily clues sent to him via Skype and given to him by strangers he meets along the way. Although, it’s not that simple – he needs the help of Skype users worldwide to do so as he is not allowed to search the internet for answers…

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To take part in this social travel game, Skype users are asked to follow Mike via Facebook and Twitter, view his daily online videos, become his Skype contact and try to solve the clues he posts. If they know the answers, they need to send them to him directly and as fast as possible via Skype, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #reroutedclue. If they get it right, Skype goodies are up for grabs!

This interactive online travel challenge was created by the Pereir O’dell ad agency and is a great example of how the online arena and social media tools can create a real-time and immediate interaction between users and the brand. The campaign is unexpected to both the brand and participants, it evolves and changes over time and users are directly involved, interacting and influencing the campaign. Receiving immediate feedback, users can truly feel a part of the travel challenge, as if they were traveling alongside Mike himself.

To follow Mike and help solves his clues, check out Skype Rerouted website.