Given how every now and then there’s someone claiming their own rights to a particular day, General Electric decided December 3rd would be appropriate to be marked as a 3D Printing Day. In order to celebrate this revolutionary technology and to make the upcoming holidays just a little bit about themselves, this industrial giant teamed up with a bunch of celebrities, companies, institutions and some other influential public figures and started a twitter based contest.

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From that particular day until December 6th, anyone residing in the U.S. will have the opportunity to win a 3D-printed gift by simply choosing a prototype and tweeting  about their wish using #3DPrintMyGift hashtag. Designed by weatherman Al Roker, reality TV host Stacy London, Red Sox pitcher Craig Breslow, 3D animation filmmaker David OReilly, Spotify or Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the prototypes of a pen holder, fridge magnet, sound amplifier or a charm will be customized and sent to a home address for free.

It seems like this might be just another thing that could make these days a bit more christmas-sy.