8K, a Poland-based interactive agency has offered a risky, yet innovative bid in terms of  the way in which marketing agencies operate — a pay what you want model which allows clients to set the prices of the agency labor depending on their evaluative criteria.

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By letting the clients and prospects to determine how much they will pay for work done, 8K has opened a clever discussion of the tangible and intangible values ​​of everyone’s work: designers, developers, copywriters and of course-account executives. The agency has set certain terms and conditions, including client’s explanation about the pay off  (why they paid that much or little) and, of course, the agency can choose to accept or pass on a proposed project. There are several services which are incorporated into pay want you want model like logo design, naming, business card design, letterhead design, slogans, and sales offer letters. For, others clients will need to loosen their wallets.

Up to now, the average payment of 23 projects was approximately $74 per design, and 8k intends to run the service as long as it proves worthwhile for either the company or its clients. What do you think of the idea?