The Academy Awards – also known as the Oscars – revealed a new logo design.

The new logo has been in the making for two years now, since the organization thought it needed a new identity and a new design system that reflects their creativity. Now, with the help of agency 180LA, a new identity is launched, inspired by both the Academy’s heritage as by their future; coming ahead of the planned and much-anticipated opening of the Academy Museum in 2017.

The new logo creates a triangular shape out of a spotlight – now spotlighting the Oscar from above – uniting an “A” for Academy and the iconic Oscar silhouette.

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Richard Harrington, head of design at 180LA, also added that the identity was inspired by the Academy’s archive and library. He said that they looked at execution techniques, the way the typography was treated, imagery, and thus brought some of these into the future.

But the new logo doesn’t stop there. Harrington adds that: “[We] can invite other artists, photographers and film-makers to interpret the A shape as a visual constant through everything from poster design to magazine covers right down to something as simple as a business card.”

The new logo will be used for the 86th Academy awards in March. Until then, click around the Academy’s website for what they used as inspiration, and share what you think of the new redesign.