Dreams of the all daring Kit Kat fans are finally fulfilled as the brand opened its new concept store on the January 17th at the Seibu Department Store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. But why they’ve chosen Tokyo, you might be wondering? It seems that Nestlé’s Kit Kat is one of the favorite candy bar among the Asians, considering that there are more than 15  types of  different flavors on the Japanese market.

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This kind of specially designed stores are aiming not only to increase sales, but also to improve the brand image and assist at its solidifying. At the Kit Kat ‘Chocolatory’, a variety of  limited edition chocolate bars created together with the famous Japanese chocolatier Yasumasa Takagi will be offered, such as ‘Sublime Bitter’, ‘Special Sakura Green Tea’ or ‘Special Chilli’. Melanie Kohli, the brand spokeswoman said in the e-mail: “This is a completely novel approach and a complementary addition to the already existing Japanese Kit Kat product range.

We really hope that these exotic and unusual flavors will be available at other stores across the globe because, after all, who wouldn’t like to try out a special, limited edition Kit Kat?

Photos: Nestlé