In order to celebrate the new collection of famous classic Adidas Originals, named after tennis star Stan Smith from 50 years ago, this well known sportswear brand opened an interesting store whose appearance attracted passersby – and for good reason. Shaped like a giant shoe box (an over-sized version of the real one), with dimensions of 13.5 meters by 7.5 meters, the pop-up store was placed at the Old Truman Brewery in London and offers the opportunity of purchasing these limited edition Stan Smith sneakers, as well as participating in the many interactive features hidden inside.

The big surprise comes when you step into the store: 120 Stan Smith trainers decorate the white wall and are available for purchase. Three main features are made to entertain visitors and allow them connect with the brand in a more personal way:  The interactive floor, the 3D printing feature and the “Stan Yourself” app.

The interactive floor allows guests to control 3D digital graphics by walking through the entrance. Just imagine how good this looks in a darkened room!



Twelve 3D cube printers operate live in the store and guests are welcome to observe their own personalized laces being printed. Of course, this means a chance to take them home and put them on your trainers.


The installation called “Stan Yourself” is the funniest part of the story. It allows visitors to take a picture of themselves using a mobile app designed for this occasion. The picture appears on the shoe in a fashion similar to that of the Stan Smith logo, and replaces Stan’s picture and signature with your own. It is then delivered in the form of a sticker.




You must admit that Adidas reintroduced the iconic Stan Smith in a very original way, along with the enjoyable and unique experiences that they offer inside the box.