As an ode to this particular day, we bring you the best guerilla marketing from the streets of Paris. For those spontaneous meet-cutes that catch you off guard – aka, unable to pull a rose out of your magic hat – the Flower Council of Holland has you covered. The brand has placed 1,500 small red boxes around the City of Light, each preserving its own single red rose and ready to help a passerby make a memorable first impression.

Kingsday, Amsterdam, the agency responsible for all the loving decor, also partnered with production company, Chocolat Rouge Films Paris, to create this simple video snippet:

The boxes themselves say “In case of love at first sight, break glass,” an adorable parody of some more serious states of emergency. However, do not be alarmed because the “glass” is actually cellophane – leaving only your heart vulnerable.

Proceed with caution.