Here comes one very simple, yet straight-to-the target, campaign aiming to draw attention to those who are in great need of help. Polish agency Cheil collaborated with numerous restaurants across Poland within the “Very Good Manners” campaign to raise awareness and money for malnourished children throughout Poland. According to statistics, one in four children can’t afford a regular hot meal and this is a way for everyone to make a small, but valuable contribution.

To make the act as simple as possible, the agency came up with the use of cutlery as a symbolic gesture which will be followed by donation. Restaurant visitors are invited to arrange their cutlery into a cross after they are finished, a symbol that is then interpreted as a signal for adding an extra 1.5 Euros to their bill as a donation to the Polish Red Cross.

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Wojtek Kowalik and his co-worker, Maciek Kozina, (from Cheil Poland) wanted to transform occasional donations into lifetime habits. To make this idea actually work in real life, it “was necessary to tap into something that customers do anyway – use cutlery to communicate with the waiting staff.” They also added: “The choice of centering the cause around food was a natural decision as restaurants are a place where good manners and eating come together.”

An extension of this campaign through other European countries (such as France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom) is going to happen soon, and will surely bring a lot of media attention (as it did in Poland). Take a look below: