Some time ago, the Malaysian tea company BOH together with M&C Saatchi Malaysia came up with a smart way to promote their product and the calming effect it has on people who consume it. They started off with visual effects, assuming that this is the first thing drinkers will notice when they put the tea bag in cup. So the tea bags and entire packaging and widget were created to make positive influence on the drinker’s mood.

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Each tea bag has a different design and features images that are supposed to be stressful (e.g. a bear that looks angry, an erupting volcano or a thundercloud). This actually represents the state of mind of a person who reached for a cup of tea just for that reason.

After placing the tea bag in a cup of a boiling water, the ink dissolves and leaves the image that look much calm to the drinker. If it was the image of an angry bear before, after putting it in hot water it changes into a smiley bear. The same is with other bags, for example angry bird transforms into a dove, thundercloud into a regular cloud, etc. So the tea bags were designed to have a different “before” and “after” state and hopefully bringing a “calm in a cup” to a people who feel stressed at the moment.

Take a closer look to a process of tea bag transforming when placed in the hot water:

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Malaysia
Creative Directors: Farrokh Madon, Henry Yap, Marzuki Maani, Neil Leslie
Art Directors: Choo Chee Wee, Pauline Ang
Copywriters: Farrokh Madon, Ahmad Fariz
Client Services: Farrah Harith, Sherina Binti Mohamed Zulkifli
Designer: Ellie See
Typographers: Pauline Ang, Ellie See
Print Producer: Sebastian Ng
Photographer: Jesse Choo
Photography Studio: Untold Images
Print Producer: Sebastian Ng
Color Separation: Ignition Graphic Production Sdn Bhd
Agency Producer: Sebastian Ng