Africa is the land of the real man, known for being capable of carrying the entire world on their back. On the other hand, you have hipsters (we assume that there is no living being that doesn’t know what hipsters are, I mean – really), for which the urban legend says they are the most important people in the world who know everything about anything and are, with no doubt, are trendsetters.

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Obviously irritated by the so-called hipsters, it’s not surprising at all what one South African beer company did to highlight the attitude of the real man and, of course to promote their beer. Garagista Beer Co. together with Amplicon PR and The Institute have created a mind-blowing anti-hipster campaign with the punchy tagline “All Beer. No Bullshit.”, aiming to make fun of hipsters’ lifestyle and to give importance on the male masculinity instead. Guess what? It turned out to be a great one! Seeing this brilliant set of printed ads, they made us remember how meaningful is to be (or love) a real man instead of the trendy, buckish hipster.

The company ensured to be focused on delivering truly amazing beer without the additional embellishment and marketing catchy and funny tricks. Since the brand isn’t cool enough to have a website, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Garagista has just one thing to add which will give you a clearer picture about the text written above: “In a world where some people care more about the craft beer image than the actual beer, we care about one thing – damn good beer.”

Here’s a video which explains a lot. Maybe hipsters aren’t so cool as they think they are? Also, be sure to check out the prints after the jump.

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