The business of branding is constantly evolving, and it’s necessary to stay up-to-date if you plan on being successful. A lot of the information we consume comes from written word and visuals, but the medium of sound is just another dynamic way to stay on top of everything. I present you with eight enriching and inspiring podcasts. Your commute just got a lot less dull.

Six Pixels of Separation || 60 min 


Part of TwistImage Agency, host Mitch Joel talks all about digital marketing and social media. He likes to call himself the “media hacker” and he rightly earned that title since Google asked Joel to come in and explain digital marketing to the biggest brands of the world. His podcast has been so successful that it turned into a book too, aptly titled Six Pixels of Separation

Accidental Creative || Approx. 10-25 min


Their tag line “We’re an arms dealer for the creative revolution” should be enough to excite you. The Accidental Creative, hosted by Todd Henry, talks about the discipline and routine needed in everyday life in order to manifest creativity into brilliant work.

Marketing Over Coffee || 20 min


Hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn— these guys set up in a local coffee shop every week and exchange new and old marketing tips. Topics such as social media, SEO optimization, copywriting, email newsletters, and marketing campaigns are discussed in a delightfully, informal manner. Unfortunately, the coffee isn’t included.

Minter Dialogue Podcast on Branding & Digital Marketing || Approx. 30-40 min


President of The Myndset Company and host Minter Dial mainly conducts interviews and provides commentary on digital marketing, new media, branding, and the Internet. Dial has had a successful career with L’Oreal, and he even created L’Oreal’s first professional website—he is a pioneer for new media and internet marketing.

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99% Invisible || Approx. 20 min


“A Tiny Radio Show About Design with Roman Mars” It may be tiny, but this show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Mars takes this name from R. Buckminster Fuller’s quote ‘Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.” While Mars brilliantly discusses design and architecture, a lot of concepts can be taken and used critically, originally, and creatively in branding.

On Branding || Approx. 30-40 min



Created by Brand Fever, this part podcast, part digital documentary takes you behind the doors of Fortune 500 companies by interviewing how creators, entrepreneurs, and experts take branding beyond limits.

Marketing Smarts || 30 min


Delivered by Marketing Profs, these guys aim to educate you by taking real advice from successful marketers and organizations. They really discuss a wide-range of topics and they are a large goldmine of all things marketing. You have to explore a little to find your niche, but episodes such as “Building Your Brand’s Community: Dan Sullivan of Crowdly Talks to Marketing Smarts” keep us coming back for more.

Happy Monday Podcast || Approx. 30 min


Mondays are the worst, but not when you’ve got a great podcast to listen to. The Happy Monday Podcast, hosted by Sarah Paramenter and Josh Long, is a short-burst industry podcast that combines web design information and positive vibes.

Image: Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva / Flickr