Working hard to promote the brand as a unique lifestyle destination, Porsche North America has unveiled a new multisensory temporary store in Meatpacking District in Manhattan, New York. Under the moniker “The Sound Of Porsche: Stories of the Brand” the event is, in fact, a high-tech music store which allows the public to experience the essence of the brand.

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By organizing the space in three different areas – The Sound Lab Virtual Drive Experience powered by Bose where visitors listen to the sound of model 911, by selecting melodies from urban to mountain pass; The Media Stations which allows the public to listen to a custom playlist created by Porsche and the last one, but not least, The Design Corner where visitors participate in a creative process having the possibility to draw what is the meaning of the sound of Porsche to them. At this area they are able to download their art through social media features. The lucky winner of the best design will get a trip to Porsche Museum in Germany.

“By creating a modern day music store, we are enabling individuals to experience Porsche through telling video. Passersby can relax while taking in the films that signify the Porsche Brand experience. It’s a unique way of telling our story,” commented Andre Oosthuzien, VP of marketing, Porsche Cars North America on the entire project.

The pop-up store which is located at 446 West 14th Street, will be open to the public from 10am to 6pm September 16 through October 5. Europe and Asia should’t worry too much because after New York, The Sound of Porsche will make its debut in London and Shanghai as well.

Check out some of the visuals below:

the-sound-of-porsche-image4the-sound-of-porsche-image1 the-sound-of-porsche-image2 the-sound-of-porsche-image3