Someone might say that design is all about color. The designers would of course never agree with this claim, but what they can’t argue is that a certain trend can be traced back from logo and website design to fashion runways.

Shutterstock, a stock photography agency, has just published their first ever Color Trends Infographic, from their impressive collection of 40 million photos. The infographic holds very interesting data that describes the usage of colors by continents and countries and it offers a list of trending colors with percentages of increase.

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If you take a look at the infographic below, you will see that pink was Russia’s favorite this year, while green and blue hue dominated in the North America. Beige is decreasing from the beginning of this year, while gray and green were experiencing a rise.

In what degree the design is influenced by world events, proves the example of the World Cup in Brazil. During the festivity, everyone downloaded soccer photos from Shutterstock and influenced the rise of green color in the overall annual statistics.