Brand: Patagonia
Agency: N/A
Campaign: Truth to Materials

This week’s ‘Good’ campaign of the week comes from one of the brands truly embodying the spirit of doing well by doing good: Patagonia.

Patagonia’s values are rooted in sustainability and it’s committed to decreasing the effects of the company to both the environment and the workers. The brand was famously behind the ‘Don’t Buy This Jacket’ campaign during Black Friday in 2011, where a full page advert in the New York Times implored consumers not to buy what they didn’t need – including Patagonia’s own products.

Fast forward to this month and we have the launch of Truth to Materials, Patagonia’s new collection created entirely from recycled and sustainable materials, whether that be from scraps of cotton destined for landfills or second-hand Patagonia items. The brand has considered every link in the supply chain for its sustainability credentials and whilst that may incur higher expenditure, it’s simply chalked up as a necessary cost of running their business.


Here they explain the collection:

“The clothes in this collection represent a deeper dive into the progress we’ve already made-with materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester-but with less dyeing and processing, fewer virgin resources and an even greater focus on craftsmanship. We call this work ‘responsible manufacturing’ and it’s sure to bleed into what’s yet to come. You have to do it every day and eventually, maybe, you will get better. Failure comes the moment you say, “I’ve got this wired, nothing more to discover here.”

In an age where consumers are increasingly demanding brands be held to account, Patagonia has responded by proactively seeking to grow its business in a way that benefits everyone involved: The consumer, supplier, retailer, employee and employer.


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Image source: Patagonia