The candy brand Sour Patch Kids, a propriety of Mondelez, has opened up a very sweet house in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Sadly, it’s not made of candy. The home, called the Brooklyn Patch, will hold guests who are independent musical artists currently on tour. In exchange for their stay, they are obligated to work by creating and sharing all kinds of content for Sour Patch’s social network.

The home has four bedrooms, with modern furniture and of course, Sour Patch Kids to sweeten up – or sour up – their stay. The goal of this action is to approach the brand to its target consumers: teenagers. Marketing director Farrah Bezner commented on the campaign, saying it represents a long-term investment in the independent music culture: “We wanted to be able to contribute. You have to break culture to make culture.”

The Patch is going to be in Brooklyn until the end of this year, but Austin, Texas might be the next spot for 2015. The bad news is that the house is entirely booked until the end of the year.


Image: Facebook